Mix up your backhand - Titan Tennis Drill

Sarah Pont

Meike Babel's "Mix up your backhand" tennis drill focuses on perfecting your backhand slice and topspin.

Being able to hit different spins and mixing it up between topspin and slice is a great way to break your opponent’s rhythm. Most players love it when you give them the same ball with the same pace, depth and spin over and over. But if you can mix up the spin, you change the height of the bounce and also the pace because a slice is usually lower and slower than a topspin. When you throw in that slice, your opponent has to move up to the shorter ball and it’s going to be more difficult to get under the ball. When you’re doing this drill you’ll also have to focus on the grip change between your regular backhand grip and the continental. 

You’ll put the machine halfway between the single side line and the hashmark and the front is flush on the baseline. The reason why you position the machine here is that it’s more realistic for the ball to come out of a corner when you get into these long backhand cross-court exchanges. 

You will get the same backhand feeds from the machine but you alternate between one topspin and one slice. Of course, you can change that rhythm, let’s say two topspins and one slice.

You can watch Meike practice her shots with the Mix up your backhand drill, download the drill using the Titan Drills app and then play it on your Titan ONE or Titan ACE pickleball machine.

Watch the Video

Watch Meike train using her Mix up your backhand tennis drill on her Titan ONE Tennis Ball machine


Download the Drill and Play

To download and play the drill on your Titan machine open the Titan Drills app on your phone, select "load from QR code" from the drill edit screen, and scan the QR code below

Read Sharing and Loading Titan Drills with QR codes for step by step instructions.

Titan tennis drill QR code - mix up your backhand.