Titan Tennis Ball Machines

Take your tennis game to the next level with Titan.

Titan was developed by a team of engineers from Nokia, Siemens and Google who were all passionate about tennis and avid players of the sport.

With over 20 years of research and product development behind them, they set about to develop a premium tennis ball machine that encompassed all the best and innovative features resulting in the all new Titan tennis machine.

"We are proud of our design team for developing this amazing new ball machine. It encompasses so many features our customers asked for and we believe we have built the best ball machine there is available."

You've seen the rest, now try the best!

Titan Tennis Ball Machine Highlights

MegaDrill - The Ultimate Drilling Experience

Titan's MegaDrill creates a truely unique drilling experience.

MegaDrill is a collection of drills linked together and played in a sequence. Select your favorite drills from your drill library, group them together, and play them in the sequence of your choice.

All in One Design

The Titan tennis ball machine has a unique design that features a large hopper for tennis ball storage, and a dedicated slot for the tennis racket.

This all-in-one design allows for easy transport of your tennis kit from your home to the court in one compact and convenient unit.

Create and Share Custom Drills

Titan has 12 custom drills that can be adapted to suit any player of any level using the Titan Drills app.

With Titan Drills you can share your custom drills with friends or download drills from our Titan drills library.

Titan Impressive Features

  • Internal oscillation for unpredictable ball delivery
  • Large hopper with space for tennis balls, racket & shoes
  • Plug-and-play lithium battery and charger (included)
  • Discret control panel
  • LED machine status light
  • Titan ball collector fits inside the ball hopper
  • 130 ball capacity
  • Telescopic handle
  • Large towing wheels
  • Free remote control via Titan Drills app
  • Zip pocket for convenient storage of small items such as car keys

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Titan ball machines are backed by our two year warranty.


Titan's Active Breaking System

Titan's exclusive Active Breaking System coupled with powerful drive motors can product fast and slow balls back to back for a true match play feel.

Titan's Active Breaking System quickly decelerates the motor speed allowing for drop shots to be played directly after fast baseline shots.