Forehand / Backhand rhythm - Titan Tennis Drill

Sarah Pont

Meike Babel's custom "Forehand / Backhand rhythm" tennis drill focuses on perfecting your forehand backhand rally shots. In this drill Meike focuses on consistency and depth whilst alternating forehand and backhand shots.

Nothing is more infuriating than missing regular rally balls. In this drill you’re working on the movement to the ball, the proper recovery and your consistency. The Titan ball machine will give you alternating balls to the forehand and backhand at the baseline and your goal is to make as many balls as possible with good depth. 

You’re putting the machine right up to the baseline on the middle hash mark. 

You will start in the middle and move side to side on the baseline. Make sure that you always recover back behind the baseline and you’re going cross court because it’s your highest percentage shot: it's the lowest part of the net and deepest part of the court. You can also set up targets to help you focus on the depth of your shots.

You can watch Meike practice her custom Forehand/ Backhand rhythm drill, download the drill using the QR code at the end of the video using the Titan Drills app and then play it on your Titan ONE or Titan ACE pickleball machine.

Watch the Video

Watch Meike train using her Forehand/ Backhand rhythm tennis drill on her Titan ONE Tennis Ball machine


Download the Drill and Play

To download and play the drill on your Titan machine open the Titan Drills app on your phone, select "load from QR code" from the drill edit screen, and scan the QR code below

Read Sharing and Loading Titan Drills with QR codes for step by step instructions.

QR code Forehand/ Backhand rhythm drill.