Titan Drills App

Titan Drills is a simple to use app that makes it easy to create and play custom drills with your Titan ball machine. 

Titan Drills is compatible with all Titan Tennis and Pickleball machines. 

On this page you will find:

  • Quick Start Guide to the Titan Drills App
  • Custom Drills
  • How to edit your custom drills using Titan Drills
  • Custom drill settings (factory settings) for the Titan Pickleball machine
  • Download the free Titan Drills app

    Quick Start Guide to the Titan Drills app

    Open the Titan Drills app. It will connect automatically to your machine.

    Play a drill - To start playing a drill, tap on the drill button.

    Stop - To stop the drill playing, tap the stop button.

    Switching Drills - To switch to another drill, tap on the drill button. There is no need to stop between switching drills.


    Custom Drills

    Titan has 12 fully customizable drills that can be adapted to suit any player of any level using the Titan Drills app. You can keep the 12 pre-programmed drills (factory settings), customize the drills, make new drills, share or download drills all with the Drill Maker app.


    What is a Drill?

    A drill is a series of 6 balls played on repeat until the ball hopper is empty.

    A drill can be any combination of shots, with variable ball speed, spin, height, position and feed rate.

    Titan Drills list

    Below are some examples of the custom drills Titan Drills can play. 

    Titan Tennis Drills

    • Warm Up - easy balls alternating to forehand and backhand
    • Random Drill - random balls at different heights and locations
    • Custom Drill - a bespoke series of balls to practice a specific combination of shots with different speed, spin, location and height for each ball
    • 2-Line Drill - high speed alternating shots to the forehand and backhand
    • 2-Line approach - alternating shots to the forehand and backhand delivered to the baseline, mid court and net (volley)
    • 3-Line Drill slice - shots delivered with backspin to the forehand, centre and backhand
    • Overhead Smash Drill - high balls (moon balls / lobs) for practising overhead smashes
    • Volley Drill - fast balls delivered to the net to practice volleys

     Titan Pickleball Drills

    • Deep Serve Return (forehand)
    • Deep Serve Return (backhand)
    • Forehand with backspin
    • Forehand with top spin
    • Narrow Dinking
    • Crosscourt Dinking
    • Kitchen Dinking

    Customizing Drills using the Titan Drills app

    Each of the 12 drills on the Titan Drills app can be fully customized. We suggest you start with the drills that come pre-programmed on your Titan machine and then start adjusting them to suit once you get used to the settings.

    To edit a drill, press and hold on the drill name.

    All 6 balls in the drill series can be customized. You can adjust the height, speed, location, feed rate and spin for each ball in the series.

    You can make each ball different, or all the same - it's totally up to how you want to play. 

    You can also download a drill or share a drill using QR codes.


    Drill Simulation

    Click the Simulate button at the bottom of the Edit Drill screen to watch a simulation of the drill.

    Drill Simulation


    Download the Titan Drills app

    Want to try the Titan Drills app now? You can download the free Titan Drills app from the App Store or the APK file for Android from Google Play.

    Custom Drill Settings for Pickleball

    Due to many requests from our Titan pickleball community, we have published the custom drill factory settings for the Titan Pickleball machine.


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