The Story of Titan Sports

The Titan Sports story begins with a group of experienced engineers and tech experts who shared a love for tennis. They spent three years turning their dream of creating the ultimate tennis ball machine into reality by developing the Titan One tennis ball machine.

Their ultimate goal was to make tennis training more convenient. They wanted to build an all-in-one ball machine that could carry everything you need for tennis practice, without being too heavy. After many prototypes, they came up with the Titan One tennis ball machine, weighing only 20kg, or 30kg including the battery and 120 tennis balls. The team also focused on making the machine easy to use.

Early design sketches of the Titan One all-in-one design

They designed it with features such as large wheels that could navigate rough ground, and an ergonomically designed user-friendly control panel so players don’t have to crouch down to use it. The extra large hopper was designed to hold 120 balls, a ball collector, a racket and tennis shoes.

The Titan One ball machine boasts a robust yet lightweight construction, owing to it’s exterior moulded from aerospace grade plastic. This high tech material was carefully selected to ensure the machine's strength and durability while ensuring portability.

Concept development sketches of the Titan One all-in-one design

The use of aerospace grade plastic not only makes the machine tough but also resistant to damage. Even in harsh conditions or if accidentally dropped, the internal and external components remain unscathed, safeguarding the machine's longevity. 

During the structural design phase, they explored two types of oscillation movement for the machine: internal oscillation and external oscillation.

Internal and external oscillation options were explored during the design phase

The machines were sent to professional tennis players for testing and feedback, and the more intricate internal oscillation design was favored because it allowed for swift and discreet adjustments in the direction of ball delivery, delivering superior training results compared to machines with internal oscillation.


External and internal oscillation prototypes of the Titan One tennis ball machine


Quality control testing program to ensure Titan ball machines can perform consistantly over long periods of time

To ensure machine reliability, the first batch of production machines were then put through rigorous testing including throwing 1 million balls, vibration and drop tests.

Testing the Titan One for durability and strength

Soon after launching the Titan One, Titan Sports moved to designing a more compact version, namely the Titan Ace. The Titan Ace combines all the same internal features as the Titan One, but instead of the large built in hopper the Titan Ace features a removable hopper than can be inverted and placed over the machine for a more compact storage solution.

Thanks to their dedication and innovation, Titan Sports created the Titan One and Titan Ace tennis ball machines, providing tennis enthusiasts with a revolutionary training tool that combines convenience, performance, and durability.

Titan One tennis ball machine