About Titan

Introducing the Titan Tennis Ball Machine and the Titan Pickleball Machine: Ultimate Performance Redefined.

Imagine having the perfect training partner who never tires, consistently delivers precise shots, and adapts to your skill level. Meet the Titan Tennis Ball Machine and its sibling, the Titan Pickleball Machine. 

Developed by a team of passionate tennis players and former engineers from Nokia, Google, and Siemens, the Titan Tennis Ball Machine and the Titan Pickleball Machine bring a new level of innovation to the court. These premium machines combine the best features of traditional ball machines with cutting-edge advancements, offering ultimate performance and convenience.

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The History of Titan Sports

The Titan Sports story begins with a group of experienced engineers and tech experts who shared a love for tennis. They spent three years turning their dream of creating the ultimate tennis ball machine into reality by developing the Titan One tennis ball machine. Read the full story of Titan Sports

Titan's All-in-One design 

One standout feature of both machines is their all-in-one design. The hopper of the Titan Tennis Ball Machine and the Titan Pickleball Machine is ingeniously crafted to accommodate not only balls but also rackets and a ball collector. With this innovative design, you can conveniently store all your essential equipment in one place. Simply load the balls, insert your racket or paddle, and add the ball collector, then zip it shut. This streamlined design ensures easy transportation and effortless organization, making your training sessions more efficient than ever before.

Titan Pickleball Machine - Internal Oscillation

The Titan Pickleball Machine sets new standards in the world of pickleball. Its standout feature is the internal oscillation, which adds an entirely new dimension to your training. The machine's internal oscillation function allows it to automatically vary the direction of the shots, simulating the unpredictable nature of real game situations. This innovative feature enhances your ability to react quickly and adapt on the pickleball court, taking your performance to new heights.

Embrace the Future of Training

Experience the epitome of convenience and performance with the Titan Tennis Ball Machine and the Titan Pickleball Machine. With their state-of-the-art features, including the internal oscillation in the Titan Pickleball Machine, and the expertise of their visionary creators, these machines redefine what it means to achieve ultimate performance.

Embrace the future of training and dominate the court like never before with Titan leading the way.

Titan all-in-one design