Roll and Volley - Pickleball Drill - John Cincola

Sarah Pont

US Pickleball Champion John Cincola has developed a series of custom drills exclusively for Titan using his Titan ONE Pickleball machine and he wants to share them with the Titan community.

John Cincola's "Roll Volley drill" is perfect for practicing the return of a 3rd shot drop. In this Roll Volley drill you are reaching out and taking the ball out of the air and hitting the roll volley.

You can watch John Cincola train using his Roll Volley drill, download the drill using the Titan Drills app and then play it on your Titan ONE or Titan ACE pickleball machine.

Watch the Video

Watch John Cincola train using his Roll and Volley custom pickleball drill


Download the Drill and Play

To download and play John's drill on your Titan machine open the Titan Drills app on your phone, select "load from QR code" from the drill edit screen, and scan the QR code below

Read Sharing and Loading Titan Drills with QR codes for step by step instructions.

JC pickleball drill - roll and volley