Titan Custom Drills

Titan machines come with 12 custom drills that can be adjusted to suit the individual player's skill and fitness level.

For each of the 6 sequential shots in a drill you can customize the height, direction, spin, speed and feed rate and then saved as your personalised drill.

Each drill can play either the same shot over and over, deliver random balls at different heights and positions, or you can create a completely bespoke drill with a combination of different shots.

2-Line & 3-Line Drills & Oscillation

You can create 2-line and 3-line drills at any width and any height. You can have vertical oscillation and, or horizontal oscillation. All these drills can be made on your phone and saved to the machine via the app. Next time you use the machine, just press the drill # button you require and start your game.

A custom drill is a series of shots delivered by your ball machine. Each drill consists of a 6 ball sequence that is played over until the ball hopper is empty.

Drills are created using the Titan Drills app on you iPhone or Android phone.