The Wait is Over - Introducing Titan

Sarah Pont

Titan - Ultimate Performance Tennis and Pickleball machines.

The Titan Tennis and Pickleball machines were developed by the makers of the best ball machines in the world.

With over 3 years of research and product development behind us we release the all new Titan ball machines.

Titan's impressive list of features

  • Sleek design - all black exterior with black & white zipper logo tape feature
  • All-in-one package - the large hopper has space for balls, racket/paddle, ball collector, shoes and water bottle
  • High powered motors for high speeds and spin
  • Active Braking System - fast deceleration of ball speeds to switch from fast to slow balls between shots
  • Status light - clearly indicates the connection status of the machine
  • Titan Drills app - for creating your own custom drills
  • Discreet control panel - control panel situated at the back of the machine, angled upwards to face the player
  • Easy transportation - Telescopic handle, large towing wheels, and multiple grab points for easy rolling and lifting
  • Plug-and-play battery - Lithium battery powered for ultimate power and performance
titan ball machine feature highlights

"We are proud of our design team for developing this ultimate performance ball machine. It encompasses so many features our customers asked for and we believe we have built the best ball machine available.”

You've seen the rest, now try the best! 

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Take your tennis game to the next level with Titan.