Introduction to Titan Pickleball Drills and the Titan Drills App

Sarah Pont

Create Custom Pickleball Drills

Titan pickleball machines have 12 fully customizable drills that can be adapted to suit any player of any level.

Each drill can play either the same shot over and over, deliver random balls at different heights and positions, or you can create a completely bespoke drill with a combination of different shots. 

Titan Drills app

Create custom drills with our free Titan Drills app.  

Titan Drills is a simple to use app that makes it easy to create and play custom drills with your Titan ball machine.

Pickleball Drills

To get you started Titan pickleball machines come with 12 of the most popluar pickleball drills pre-programmed so you can start playing with your machine straight away.

Titan MegaDrill

For the ultimate drilling experience Titan has developed the MegaDrill - a bespoke collection of drills that you can design using your custom drills.

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Learn more about Titan Pickleball Machines

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