Titan Drills App - Feedback on current app

  • Please add your feedback on how you find the current version of the Titan Drills app.

  • The current version of the Android app is broken for me for being able to load QR Codes. I have the latest version and it will not load QR code drills.

    The following suggestions seem like they could all be implemented into the current version before the ground-up overhauled app is released:

    Have the ability to add more than the default number of drills. I'm not sure why it's fixed at 12 unless there's a memory issue on the machine and the settings are saved locally rather than dynamically loaded each time a drill happens. Drills could even be categorized in tabs.

    It would make sense to be able to delete a slot to have empty slots before loading a new drill into it through a QR code. 

    Allow us to load a new drill from a link rather than just a QR code. That would be easier on a phone rather than downloading a screenshot of a QR code and then loading it through the screenshot image (again, it's broken for me, but in theory that's how it presently functions). Presumably, the QR code is just a URL anyway, right?

    Allow for a countdown timer to begin a session rather than immediately starting it. Like how a camera app has a timer, offer 10-seconds, 30-seconds, etc. This will allow you to start your camera if you want to record and then walk over to the other side of the court.

  • Luke, I have compiled all of your comments and shared them with the Product team. I am aware that they have included some of them in the new App feature list. Thank you for the summary!

  • What do the app setting numbers mean exactly, such as direction, feed, spin.  Speed and height are intuitive.  Is there a chart or something?

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