Titan app questions

  • First, is anyone on here using the app on an Android device? Or are most people using an iPhone? I have a Pixel 7 Pro (Android) and I currently see only 100 downloads of the app in the Google Play Store, and zero reviews of the app. That worries me and makes me wonder just how actively this app is being developed, and how much ongoing developement will happen. 

    I know with startups, plans are always in the works - but when or if they ever happen is a big unknown. This is the biggest hurdle preventing me from ordering so far. I'd love to hear back from app users - particularly Android app users.

  • I agree with you, what will happen if the app die ? Will we be able to use the machine ? I am still waiting for the shipping.

  • It seems that this forum is not active at all. I see 34 views on the post, but it's possible that everyone is an iPhone user.  I wonder if it makes more sense to find people on Reddit. 

  • I'm an Android guy.  My machine is on order, expect to receive in another 2-3 weeks.  I've downloaded the app and played with it and at least stand alone it seems to work fine.  Looking forward to getting my machine and trying it out completely.

  • @Michael Bickel I couldn't get it to work on my android.  Had to use my iPad.

  • Tom, it should work on Android. Could you provide more details on how it's not working on your Android phone? Have you ensured that the location service is turned on?

  • Luke, based on my experience, the majority of our customers use iPhones. However, we have also observed Android users, and the app runs smoothly for them as well. No need to worry

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