How to Efficiently use the Mega-Drill or Sequence Drill Functions with my Titan Ace Pickleball Machine

  • Hello all, I just received my Titan Ace machine last week, and I am stuck on how to use the Mega-drill function to create a combination of forehand (FH) and backhand (BH) groundstroke drills that will allow me to practice both FH and BH groundstrokes returns, and 3rd / 5th shot drop shots from both the baseline and transition zone.

    Specifically, I want to have the machine feed me a sequence of 10 to 15 FH and BH shots; with different height, speed, depth, and spin; that will move me vertically back and forth from the baseline – to the transition zone; and laterally from both the FH sideline to BH sideline of the court. 

    My problem is that I cannot figure out how to create a sequence of balls that will oscillate the machine between FH and BH shots. 

    Does anyone know if this is even possible with the Titan Ace machine, using either the "mega-drill" or "sequence" functions?


  • Ernie, You can just chanrge HORZ values to make machine oscillate from right to left. Call us if you dont know how to make it. 

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