Maintenance/Cleaning Machine

  • I have a new Titan Ace Pickleball machine.  The rotors accumulate yellow ball fragments.  Is there a recommended way to clean those?  Also, does the machine need to be oiled, etc. for ongoing maintenance and, if so, how can these maintenance items be done?

  • No worries You can use a blower to blow off the dust and yellow bal fragments. No need to oil anything. If there is balls left inside the machine, you can take it out from front or back openings. 

  • how do you suggest cleaning the throwing wheels?

  • While not necessary, you can also use sandpaper to clean any residue on the wheels.

  • @Terry McCarthy it's best to at least wash new balls in the washing machine or lightly sand the balls which will drastically reduce ball residue on the wheels. 

  • Agreed! Washing machine technique helps. After a recent drill session I used the air dry mode with 80 balls and two beach towels in our dryer after balls getting wet. Worked like a champ. This Titan machine has been way more forgiving on ball wear and tear than my previous two machines. I'm still on my original 80.

  • @Terry McCarthy how long have you had it? I've just switched from a PB tutor and testing my new Ace tomorrow. Any newbie tips? The instructions seem minimal. 

  • @James Mckoy About one month. About 10 hours of use so far. I too had a Tutor, sold it, bought a Spinshot and sold it. They just didn't do what I wanted very well so didn't get much use. I really, really like the Titan and use it about two to three times a week. I did start with a new set of balls, I did wash them in our washing machine before using. Another tip: I keep some flat rubber target disks and yellow stripes in the top pouch... and one more: I bought a Ryobi P193 battery for a spare. All available on Amazon.

  • I'm intrigued by the washing machine technique. Is this just a quick way to add wear to new balls? 

  • Hi, my machine is being shipped as we speak. I am intrigued by the washing machine treatment for the balls. Do you just put them in a mesh bag and wash them as normal in the machine?

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