Drill library design and sharing best practices

  • Once users begin sharing more of their drills with each other, I can the amount of creative drills growing to quite a large number. It would be great if Titan designed the drill library in such a way that it could be organized by type of drill, or introduce tags so people can find them again. I can easily see the library grown to a very large number.

    To ensure users can repeat other users' drills, it might also help to come up with pre-defined placements for the machine for a drill and have that selected and mentioned in the drill setup. Placement at the baseline center court, right sideline corner, left sideline corner, non-volley center, non-volley corner, etc.)

    Also, to promote more sharing and user interaction, possibly making a searchable user submitted library with ratings from other users would make finding new drills easier.

  • Great ideas, Luke!  I support his ideas on this.

  • Luke, yes, we did design such a library on the Titan website. You can find it at https://titanballmachines.com/blogs/titan-drills. We may also upgrade the app and add a link on the app so people can easily access it.

  • @Titan Product-Manager That is great news, especially if you can add the link in the app so users can easily share and rate each other's drills. This would empower not just Youtube influencers, but also people with good app and drill skills to come up with valuable drills. Then, other users could rate the drill or even comment on the drill, providing insights and tips. More of a hive mind/crowdsourced mentality towards rapid library building. After all, the machine is awesome, but the app and the drills are a huge aspect of the qualitative user experience and differentiator among machines.

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