Titan Drills App - New features / Suggested improvements

  • Please take a moment to read the press release that outlines the intended improvements to Titan Drills. If you have ideas that are not already mentioned please feel free to add your suggestions to this forum. 


  • Thanks to Rodney A Black for his suggetions posted on another forum:

    • Add power down command in the app
    • Add pause to stop ball feed but not stop the drill
    • Once a drill has started disable everything on the app screen except the stop button
      • I had my phone in my hand and in my pocket with the app screen open, it would start another drill while another drill was started.  I would disable all touch around the stop drill button once a drill has started
    • Add a smartwatch app to control the titan
    • Ability to position the ball machine in the drill editor, and have the simulator recalc from that point.
      • some drills just show the ball being shot into to the net, it would make more sense to be able to reposition the machine in the editor and have it save so you know where it need to go for that drill.

  • Can't wait for the app upgrade and I love Rodney's suggestions. I'd also add:

    1. Ability to change drill settings while drill is running. Oftentimes I just need to adjust the height/speed by a little bit but it's annoying to stop the drill, adjust, restart, stop, adjust, restart (with several seconds in between each step). It's almost like I'd like to run a manual drill until I get my settings right and then save it.

    2. To Rodney's last point about adjusting position of the ball machine, this should be saved with the drill itself. So if I download a Pro's drills, I need to know exactly where to position the machine.

    3. Ability to reorder drills for better organization

  • Assign a more meaningful number to DIRECTION. For example, the value 0 = straight ahead. 3 = 3° right, 6 = 6° right 9 = 9° right, etc. -3 = 3° left, -6 = 6° left, -9 = 9° left, etc.

  • I Just got my machine yesterday and got to use it for about an hour. I like the suggestion of a smart watch feautre that would be huge even if its just a Start/Stop button.


    Terry, first off great last name! secondly what helped me yesterday becasue i was a little confused was to thing of the numbers in a horizonatal line positive numbers go to the right negatives negative to the left

     -4 -3 -2 -1  0  1  2  3  4
       <------           -------->

  • @Michael McCarthy thanks for your comments. Have you seen the Titan Remote on our website? It is just as you describe in your comments - having a start / stop function.  You might like to check it out

    See it here on our website Titan Remote

  • @Sarah @ Titan The Apple Watch integration would be very helpful.  Often I have to leave my phone near the net to prevent the Titan from disconnecting from the phone.  So I have to walk over to the phone to stop drills which means at least one ball is likely to be wasted.

  • @Noah S-W Agree with position data being added to the drills.  This way you could also organize the MegaDrill feature by the machine's court position

  • @Sarah @ Titan having to buy a separate device, keep it charged, etc. is silly when most of us already have smart watches. I get you want to make money on accessories but a competitor is bound to do this soon.

    • Ability to specify Random (for any settings) within a range of values. Right now, I can only specify Direction to be Random - but what if I only want to specify within a range of directions.
    • All ball settings should be able to be randomized (within a range). For example, spin cannot be Random.
    • Try to integrate within the SwingVision ecosystem somehow. I know their app has a ball machine setting - but maybe the two apps could communite and unleash some really useful functionality.

  • Oh ok, Random range is apparently already available on the machine but not the App. Coming in Q3 2024 in the app.

    • Add a Random Left Side and Random right Side for direction
      • In some drills, you might want to randomize the direction but keep the ball in the left or right quadrant of the court.  The current random setting is based on singles play, random left side, and random right side will simulate more of a doubles-style drill
    • This may be a bit messy, but it is possible, for direction add numeric labels on the simulation court that coincide with the numeric position on the wheel, that way the user can visually see which way is left and right or the approximate spot where the ball would go matching number to number.
    • Add a daily ball count to the app (with reset), this is good for trainers or individuals who want to monitor how many balls they've hit in a session, and avoids overtraining.


    Thinking outside of box hyper ideas :) (AIO concepts)

    • Add integrated radar gun (fun add on) fire off serves or drives, titan returns the mph or km back to the app.
    • Add telescoping camera that starts and stops with the drill.  One of the biggest issues with drilling alone is you cant see your technique while your drilling.  So the concept would be to record the player during the drill.  Then be able to access the video from the titan via your phone to review.



  • @Rodney A Black I think SwingVision app can help with some of your "hyper ideas" already.

  • @Mark Tennis Also, check out PB Vision. I have no idea if it helps with ball machine sessions, but for game analysis and summary it's pretty awesome.

  • @Mark Tennis swing vision is for apple users only.

  • might be too late for this, but i would add different light colors for status at start up......yellow for spin up the green when the ball agitator moves to drop the first ball.

    Today its just green from the get go, really hard to tell when the first ball is about to fire.

  • @Sarah @ Titan

    This bullet point would make it very hard for someone who's trying to create a drill but doesn't know how the ball will be shot until the machine shoots it.  I am new to the machine and love it but definitely have to use test and fix problem solving but it really is an amazing machine!

    Once a drill has started disable everything on the app screen except the stop button

  • @Noah S-W you don't have to stop the drill to adjust.  As the drill is running you click into the drill edit the height for example from 2 - 6 then save the drill it will beep letting you know it's updated the setting.

  • @Cole Russel I agree with you here, then i would say keep everything active in edit mode cause you have phone in hand, but if you start the drill from the home screen, everything else should be locked out, except for start stop, and hopefully pause (future ask) or you have to turn the screen off on your phone.  Otherwise, its very sensitive and it will trigger other drills if you throw your phone in your pocket.

  • I'd like to be able to randomize the shots within a drill.  Currently, a multi-ball drill executes each shot in predefined order.  But sometimes I would like the machine to randomly select a shot from the drill on each ball feed.

    Ideally we would be able to randomize shot properties within ranges, as others have mentioned (e.g., "Ball #1 has a random direction with value between 10 and 20"), but this might be very complicated.  A simple solution might be:

    1. User defines a multi-ball drill
    2. User elects to run the drill in a "random mode", in which the machine randomly selects a shot from the drill on each ball feed.  The shots wouldn't necessarily execute in a random order (this implementation would still be predictable for the last ball in the drill), but rather a random shot would be selected on each feed for better unpredictability.


    Overall I'm looking for ways to make my drills more unpredictable.

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