App enhancement suggestions

    • Add power down command in the app
    • Add pause to stop ball feed but not stop the drill
    • Once a drill has started disable everything on the app screen except the stop button
      • I had my phone in my hand and in my pocket with the app screen open, it would start another drill while another drill was started.  I would disable all touch around the stop drill button once a drill has started
    • Add a smartwatch app to control the titan
    • Ability to position the ball machine in the drill editor, and have the simulator recalc from that point.
      • some drills just show the ball being shot into to the net, it would make more sense to be able to reposition the machine in the editor and have it save so you know where it need to go for that drill.

  • Was having the same problem with. New drill being started when phone was in my pocket. These are all great suggestions.

  • Spot on suggestions! An Apple Watch app is a must but I also love the other ideas. 

  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. We have created a new forum to capture suggestions so I will add yours :)

  • Make the drill menu sortable-drag and drop drills in the order you'd like them instead of just reversaing order by sort button.

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