• First of all, I like my Ace. But, the default settings for Manual mode are a threat to life and limb, or at least to an innocent bystander's eye. 

    That the default action of hitting the power button is to start flinging balls going 50? 60? 70? MPH without warning is ridiculous and will get you sued when it hits some unsuspecting person in the eye. I was nailed in the back at 10 feet once, it was painful. I was waiting for the app to connect to the machine, wandered into the line of fire.

    It consistently takes more than 5 seconds for my phone app and the machine to connect.  So manual mode is going to kick in. 

    By the way, the very first time I used it, I took it to the courts and set it up behind the baseline. I powered it on and it started flinging balls rapidly over the fence at the far end. Whenever I use the default drills I have to adjust the settings, just to keep balls in the court. 

    A second by the way, the Simulations bear no resemblance to reality. 

    You MUST update the machine's firmware. It should not start automatically, and the default speed should be no higher than 3. 


  • Hi Phil, I haven't received the machine yet. I plan to use it with my children. What advice would you give to avoid any danger? Also which balls do you use?

  • @Phil Karlin agreed the default speed is wayyy too high and I've also had the issue of waiting for my phone to connect.

  • @Hugues ny For safe operation:

    1. before use, read the instructions carefully: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0734/9688/7618/files/Titan_ACE_User_Manual_v1.pdf or https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0734/9688/7618/files/Titan_User_Manual_v1.pdf.

    2. It will start in Manual Mode. 

    3. Pressing power button once turns it on. It takes a few seconds to boot, then it will start flinging in five seconds. Press Power a 2nd time to stop. I have waited for the boot to complete before doing this. 

    4. Once you have stopped it, there is time for your phone to connect to the machine. 

    5. In the phone app, the default speed on the drills is too high. 12 is very fast. Before using, I suggest editing the drills to reduce speed. You can always go up from there. 

    6. Practice & master turning the machine on and off without the kids. I suggest taking it to a court the first time without the kids, and planning on spending most of your first hour or more experimenting with drill settings to get a feel for what it'll do. 

    Balls: Where I play Franklins are the standard. For the 100 pack I paid about $190. They are on and off sale on Amazon all the time. 2 weeks later they were $175. Going cheaper would have saved maybe $50, maybe a little more for crappier balls. Since I was already in for over $2K, I went with my local standard. 

    The machine will go beyond realistic. Max speed and spin are insane. I'm impressed, I like it, but it's like a bucking bronco. Tone it down before you start. 

  • Thank you for the explanations. I should be receiving my machine soon, I think. I will follow this protocol. Thanks again.

  • @Phil Karlin I figured out today that if you change the settings for manual mode i. e. Change speed from 12 to 2 , then the machine will use those settings next time it starts up. I suggest doing so for safety. 

  • @Phil Karlin good to know !

  • Phil,: You can change setting to press the M button before machine shoot balls out. It can be made in Setting Menu of the machine. 

  • Yes. I lost a ball which was shot way over the fence into the street when I first turned on the machine.. it makes no sense that after me powering up it starts shooting balls immediately. 

  • @Titan Product-Manager can it be set to not start shooting immediately after turning on?

  • @Titan Product-Manager That is true. But the default settings either send it over the fence at the far end of the court or, if the new user walks in front of the machine while trying to get the app to connect, either takes their eye out or gives them a concussion. 

    Fix the default to make it safe. 

  • I encountered the same, where the machine started firing off ball when turned on.  There is no setting to require pressing M before the ball shoots out, unless i missed it.

    The best way to safeguard against this set Feed to 1 and Speed to 1, until they get the default fixed.

  • I have the Titan Ace so its not the bag I simply dont load the machine with balls untill its done going bat shit crazy when you first turn it on. 

    If you have the Titan one I could see where that would be a issue considering the whole thing is marketed to store all your stuff.

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